250 Watt Gallium Arsenide Foldable Folded250W Gallium Arsenide Foldable Unfolded

For applications needing ultra-high power density, PowerFilm uses a high-efficiency Gallium Arsenide PV technology with conversion efficiencies above 30%. 

With rigid and flexible GaAs PV cells available, PowerFilm can design a solution to fit an application's exact needs. Custom cell layouts and panel shapes are available. 

GaAs can provide the most compact solution possible, ideal for applications where size, power, and weight are highly critical.


Very High Power Density

  • Over 30% Efficient Gallium Arsenide III-IV PV Material. 


  • 5-100+ Watts

  • Custom Cell Layouts and Panel Shapes Available


  • Weather and UV Proof

  • MILSTD810G

Thin and Flexible

  • Highly flexible and conformable around simple curves and surfaces. 

  • 1 Inch fixed bend radius

  • 3 Inch repetitive bend radius



  • The combination of ruggedness, power density, and cost make this technology well suited for trucking, rail, and vehicle applications.