Custom Solutions

We develop portable solar solutions based on your requirements, constraints, and goals, delivering the best technology and design for your business needs.

How We Manufacture Our Solar Panels

We have been manufacturing thin-film solar panels for over 30 years. Take a look behind the scenes into our innovative production process and learn how we turn raw solar film into finished products for companies, the United States military, and consumers everywhere (video segment produced by Definition Media Ltd as part of the Wicked Inventions series).

Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE Demo

PowerFilm's Research and Development Engineer, Sam Jones, unboxes a Bluetooth Indoor Solar Development Kits and demos how it can be used to create solar-powered IoT devices.

Indoor Solar Development Kit Demo

PowerFilm's Research and Development Engineer, Sam Jones, demonstrates the Low-Light Solar Development Kit and a few of the many different devices it can power, including a fan, Bluetooth beacon, and door lock.

PowerFilm LightSaver Max

Introducing the LightSaver Max, the most powerful and portable solar solution. An integrated 18,000 mAh battery means you can use the Max anytime or anywhere, day or night. Your devices can charge even when the panel is closed, away from sunlight, or indoors, so use it whenever it's convenient for you!

Francois Leger-Savard: Using PowerFilm Solar

Photographer & Videographer, Francois Leger-Savard talks about his experience using PowerFilm Solar products on a recent mountain trek in Nepal.

PowerFilm Solar Extreme Durability Test

VP of Engineering, Brad Scandrett, puts the PowerFilm 7 Watt rollable to the ultimate test.

Partial Shading Test: Amorphous vs. Crystalline

Rated output vs. how much power you generate from a solar panel can be two different things. In this video, we see how PowerFilm's thin-film amorphous silicon technology performs better than traditional crystalline in shaded conditions.

How to Solder PowerFilm Electronic Component Solar Panels. 

A quick demonstration to show how to properly solder our Electronic Component Solar Panels.