About Lightweight Portable Solar Charger

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We took our 30 years of experience designing solar solutions for businesses and the US Military and built a product designed for consumers. Solar chargers on the market are bulky and lack energy storage. The LightSaver’s high performance electronics, dependability and compact design put it in a class all by itself. The LightSaver features a state-of-the-art roll out thin film solar panel to keep your devices powered on the go. Thin film solar helps make the LightSaver lighter and more portable than any other solar charger on the market. Industrial grade fabric will stand up to the elements and the incredibly durable solar panel make the LightSaver insanely reliable and ridiculously dependable. The LightSaver can be mounted and charged on the go. Weighing in at a mere 4.9 ounces it’s perfect for a weekend hike, month long trek, or being stowed in a backpack for emergencies.

The LightSaver collects energy from the sun when available, storing it in the internal battery. That energy is then available to charge a USB device anytime, eliminating the need to leave your device out in the sun. The LightSaver can also be charged from the wall or other USB sources using its micro USB input. When a device is plugged in, the LightSaver will charge the device until fully charged, or the LightSaver is fully discharged. The LightSaver turns on automatically with no button push required. If the LightSaver is fully discharged, the output will remain on until its battery has been charged to at least 10%. This protects against draining a device’s battery by turning it on and off, which is common in many other solar chargers.

The LightSaver is not designed to charge a device from the solar panel directly. Instead, the solar panel charges the internal battery which, once charged, is available to provide power to other devices. Charge the LightSaver at least once every three months for the best battery performance. If the LightSaver’s battery is completely drained, it may need to charge for a few minutes before the indicator light illuminates. Always store the LightSaver in a cool environment with a battery charged over 50 percent. A little water on the LightSaver is not a problem, but allowing significant water inside the unit may corrode components. Saltwater is particularly corrosive and should be kept out of the device.

• Angle the solar panel toward the sun for best results.
• Always store in a cool dry environment.
• Routinely clean the solar panel to ensure best performance.

• Compact, lightweight, durable.
• Easy to deploy and easy to store.
• Provides some power even in hazy and shaded environments.
• Light sensitive technology turns on early in the day and stays on later in the day.
• Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

• Battery: 3200mAh
• Weight: 4.9oz / 138.9g
• Power In: Solar / USB
• Power Out: 1 USB (5V, 1A)
• Solar Charge: 6-8 hours full sun
• Wall Charge: 3 hours
• Dimensions
• Rolled: 7.8 x 1.5 (in) / 198.1 x 38.1 (mm)
• Unrolled: 7.8 x 18.5 (in) / 198.1 x 469.9 (mm)

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